Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rest in Peace

We tried to save him, this young soul
Entering into adulthood, brave
But broken, full of life,
Sorrow and pain.

Everyone tried their best
To save him, to rescue him,
Loving him so well
So he could blossom and thrive.

When did that moment occur?
When did the last straw break?
What strong breeze led to
His final decision?

Why didn't he hold on for
Just another moment to see
If he could feel better, find some 
Meaning and heal?

But, he tried it all, all of the
Right stuff. He tried his best,
And finally, he just couldn't
Take it anymore.

We grieve with him,
That his life became so
Full of misery and distress,
So much despair.

We will never know all
The reasons why,
But, we do know that he
Will be well remembered.

Rest in peace, you gentle soul.

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