Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 New Year Fantasies

Another New Year.
High hopes and dreams galore.
Wishes bursting at the seams.
New year’s resolutions?
I usually think that is such a silly tradition, bound for failure.

Just sitting on this couch with my dogs
And computer, my family nearby on their 
Computers, silent at times and 
Conversing once in awhile.
Music surrounds, blissfully so.
Perhaps this moment is heaven and the 
Best New Year’s gift ever!

My fantasies for the new year 2014 include for all of us:

Pets and children, laughs and hugs.
The ridding of extreme prejudice, avarice and dishonesty.
Privacy from our government and for ourselves.
Dignity for all peoples of the world.
Integrity in thoughts and action.
Good friendship and sensual, healthy pleasures.
Acknowledgment of and perhaps acceptance of our dark sides.
The will to live more peacefully with others.
Lots of music, song and dance.
Less worry about mundane matters.
Faith and love and generosity of spirit.
Compassion for others and for ourselves.
Humor to deal with tragedies and the idiocies of some.
Commitment to changing some part of the world around us.
Or, changing ourselves for the better.
Learning something new.
Finding meaning and passion about something that holds and focuses us.
Excellent food, fine drink, health and peace.
No more war or drone strikes or gun violence toward any people.
No more weapons being used to hurt others, be they tangible or verbal.

Nice to reflect and to dream about making our lives just a little bit better, more meaningful and loving. May you have a wonderful new year!  Best wishes and blessings.

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